The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI) supports and funds research on how ideology and government policy contribute to scientific, technological, and social progress.

Over the last few decades, scientific and technological progress have stagnated. Scientists conduct more research than ever before, but groundbreaking innovation is scarce. At the same time, identity politics and political polarization have reached new extremes, and social trends such as family stability and crime are worse than in previous decades and in some cases moving in the wrong direction. What explains these trends, and how can we reverse them?

Much of the blame lies with the institutions we rely on for administration, innovation, and leadership. Instead of forward-looking governments, we have short-sighted politicians and bloated bureaucracies. Instead of real experts with proven track records, we have so-called ‘experts’ who appeal to the authority of their credentials. Instead of political leaders willing to face facts and make tough tradeoffs, we have politicians who appeal to ignorance and defer responsibility.

To fix our institutions, we need to rethink them from the ground up. That is why CSPI supports and funds research into the administrative systems, organizational structures, and political ideologies of modern governance. Only by understanding what makes these systems so often dysfunctional can we change them for the better.